24th Heywood Chess Congress

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June 2018


Heywood Chess Congress another great success for town!


Despite World Cup fever gripping the nation, the annual Heywood chess congress held at the Heywood Civic Hall was another success. Numbers were actually up on last year as the congress pulled in top grade players to Heywood from all over the country, with participants from London, Newcastle, Sunderland, York, Rugby, Shropshire, Cumbria, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Many local and regional players competed alongside seven  players from our twin town Peine in Germany.

The VAN LEEUWEN OPEN was dominated by Newcastle’s Charlie Storey who also claimed the free entry into the British Championships as the new champion of the North of England.  Heywood player Martyn Hamer won a share of the second prize.


A share of first place in the  HEYWOOD TOWNSHIP MAJOR was won by Atherton’s Lee Kay, and a share of second place by Bob Newton of Rochdale. Robert Dean from Undercliffe won the LINK4LIFE INTERMEDIATE outright. In the ANTONIN WELIMINSKY MINOR Heywood’s Steve Flaherty was just half a point off the main prizes, and Con Carey just a further half point behind.

In the KUMON MATHS Novice, Heywood’s Dave Thorp finished equal first, with Andrew Heys, John Crompton and Peter Hurn close behind finished just outside the prizes.

Organiser Bill O’Rourke said ‘What a great weekend for the town. Visitors from all over the country were spending their money in the local economy all weekend. And our German friends visiting was the icing on the cake. Many thanks once again for the continued assistance of all the sponsors – the event could not take place without them. The next chess congress in Heywood will in June 2019.






1st = Charles Storey (Newcastle) 4/5  £300

2nd  Mike Surtees (Bolton) 3.5/5   £160

3rd = Don Mason (Shirley), Matthew Parsons (Huddersfield) and Martyn Hamer 3/5 £27 each.

Grading prize U189: Matthew Parsons and Martyn Hamer 3/5 £10 each.



1st = Lee Kay (Atherton) and Nathaniel Paul (Newport) 4/5 £185 each

2nd = Bob Newton (Blue Club) and Robert Furness (Culcheth) 3.5/5 £40 each

Grading Prize172-162 Peter Hepworth (Huddersfield), Martin Burns and John Wareing (Calderdale) £7 each; Below 161 Chris Vassiliou (Chorlton) £20



1st Robert Dean (Undercliffe) 4.5/5 £250

2nd David Siddall (Austin Friars) £120

3rd = David Patrick (Calderdale), Steve Potter (St. Helens) and Philip Walters (Carlisle) 3.5/5 £27 each

Grading Prize:  152-147 David Siddall (Austin Friars) 4/5 £20; Below 146 George Harman (Worsley) 3/5 £20



1st =  Nigel Hepworth (Huddersfield) and Michael Fisher (Rochdale) 4.5/5 £185 each,   3rd Hans Jurgen Ebling (Peine) 4/5 £80

Grading prizes: 128-120 Chris Fraser (West Bridgford) 3.5/5 £20; U119-113  Hans Jurgen Ebling (Peine) 4/5 £20; U110 Parshott Patel (Bolton) 3.5/5 £20



1st  = David Thorp (Heywood), Andrew Beswick (Chorlton) and Vijay Kakarparthi  (Altrincham) 4/5 £70 each


Puzzle competition winner: Dennis Owen £10